Friday, August 14, 2020

New album "Kuhaghan Tyyn" of Ukrainian melodic black metal band Haissem is out on March 22nd, 2020!

Haissem project started in 2014 in Donetsk, founded by Andrey Tollock – the only member of the band. Haissem supposed to reproduce melodic black metal of the Great 90’s, which Andrey especially likes. However, with time a lot of experiments have implemented into Haissem's musical conception just to diversify a general style line. The first release has been titled “Maze Of Perverted Fantasies”. It was unleashed in April 2016. Then, in 2017, the first album’s follower – “Hatavism” appeared, escorted by limited edition cassette release. In 2018, there’s been third opus by Haissem titled “Panacea For A Cursed Race” also released on cassettes. Year of 2019 was totally experimental for the project. “Demonotone” album that consisted of “Hatavism” outtakes was out in May 2019 and represented the band mostly in death-metal key with the guest vocals of Denis Schwan aka Zhora Bredor (ex-Bredor) and Dmitriy Kufley (Datura, Stalino, Imitation). A month later, “Amputears” EP has been released and included more atmospheric, keyboard-oriented stuff with depressive lyrics. In November 2019 Haissem was signed by Russian metal label Satanath Records. The 6th outbreak titled “Kuhaghan Tyyn” (it means “The Evil Spirit”).


Andrey Tollock - instruments, vocals

 Guest musicians:

Alexandra Zima - cello on "Black Tide Dominion" outro
Alyona Malytsa - female vocals on "Куһаҕан тыын"
D. Vander - harp on "Arcanum"

Work on the album "Kuhaghan Tyyn" started simultaneously with the recording of "Panacea For A Cursed Race" and was originally supposed to be its sequel. But, in the process of composing the songs it became clear that it would be something else. The musician didn't start to puzzle over the fact that he had to force the construction of songs for "Panacea" and just continued composing as it turns out. After the guitar parts and vocals were recorded, the author came to the idea of using synthesizers as a substrate a little more than usual, but not to abuse them. A special feature of the recording is the participation of session musicians. In the history of HAISSEM this is a unique case, because Andrey is working on the albums together with Vitaly Dorofeev (Vetkin Records). The result is Haissem's most atmospheric and darkest album, which is unlikely to leave black metal fans indifferent. Artwork by Mary Kankava (Hellcatfairyart).


01. Black Tide Dominion
02. Arcanum
03. Aokigahara
04. Кuhаҕан Тыын

 Length - 43:42
Available for pre-order!

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