Friday, August 28, 2020

New Music Video "Blood Lightning" from Canada's LUTHARO

The video is for fan favourite single "Blood Lightning" - 
The video was originally premiered on Metal Injection here.

"It's hard to find a better song to describe Lutharo than "Blood Lightning" honestly. This is a song that takes full advantage of Krista Shipperbottom's strong vocal lead. Being able to alternate from a strong clean style akin to a lot of NWOBHM bands, over to a dominating harsh growl. Backed up by guitarist Victor Bucur, providing another layer of vocals to emphasize and increase the sheer power of the vocal performance on "Blood Lightning". The song alternates between a more melodic tone and much quicker, thrashier sections, everyone has a chance to shine and show their strengths through this song. "
 Spotify here.
What the press is saying:
"Along comes Canada, showing the world that independent unsigned metal bands can kick just as much ass, if not more, than any act on the Nuclear Blasts or Metal Blades or Roadrunners out there. Now on their third EP since 2015, Ontario’s Lutharö keep going from strength to strength as their sound expands... pick up Wings Of Agony – digitally or physically – and support independent artists who are as good as this. If the sheer impact behind Lutharö can’t convince you that the metal community continues to go from strength to strength, then I do not want to be your friend. 9/10. Fantastic." - Metal Observer

"Wings of Agony is a thrill-ride. You’ll grin at the near-constant guitar heroics and sing/scream along with it with glee. This is exactly the type of melodic death/power metal combination that works in the best interest of both parties, and Lutharo take it for all it’s worth. Scorching stuff!" - 9/10 - Dead Rhetoric

"Bringing a fresh take on Heavy Metal to listeners around the world, this up-and-coming Canadian band returns with a darker yet still very melodic sound in their brand new (and excellent) EP... Krista and her henchmen are undeniably talented, crazy for metal music and extremely focused on what they do, spreading their wings all over Canada and soon the world with their breathtaking music for our total delight." - The Headbanging Moose

"The onslaught continues on “Diamond Back” which is even more aggressive than the opener. It’s like listening to Arch Enemy and Unleash the Archers in a knuckleduster brawl. The EP’s midpoint, “Blood Lightening” has more of a grandiose and dramatic power metal charge to it. Muscular riffs and some of the best solo assaults on the EP are captured here. Shipperbottom continues to maneuver deftly between her caustic growls and her biting and soaring cleans." - Metal Nation

"Lutharo is a band that was unknown to me until I received this package with their album to make a review of. I must say that I am impressed and it’s probably one of the best things I heard in Metal lately… They have so much power, energy and the musicians are incredible. Each song here impressed me in a good way. One of the best releases coming from Canada this year." - Metal Temple  

About:Lutharö stepped out of their comfort zone for this recording and they anticipate a solid reception from current and new fans, especially those who enjoy Arch Enemy, Unleash The Archers, The Agonist, Amon Amarth. The EP was produced by the band with mixing done by Tyler Williams (Monolithic Productions) and mastering by Lasse Lammert.

Lutharö adds:
We are hoping to have a really good response from our fans. We want you all to be able to relate to the strong messages on this EP and find empowerment from it. We did experiment a lot more with this recording than our previous release. We picked the strongest songs we had written and also chose the ones that we felt complimented each other well. We feel this EP is darker but still melodic and embodies the same amount of energy that we convey live.”
This group of motivated musicians is bringing a fresh take on heavy metal to listeners around the world.

Meticulously blending a range of sounds from death metal to power metal, Lutharö is quality extreme music for all audiences. Over the years, Lutharö has grown into its distinctive sound, emerging with a heavy and dark formula that gets fans moving.
Catchy riffs, blazing solos and vocals ranging from vicious growls to cleans that will send a chill down your spine, make Lutharo a well-rounded powerhouse of a band that brings beauty, aggression and skill to the genre. Even with an already impressive resume, Lutharö is just getting started.

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