Friday, August 14, 2020

Setoml - Reincarnation

Co-release Satanath Records with Kryrart Records: new album "Reincarnation" of Ukrainian melodic black metal band Setoml is out on April 24th, 2020!

SETOML - melodic black metal project with elements of death/doom metal from Kyiv. The band was formed in 2018 by two musicians: Semenenko Anton (known as one-man project Luna) and Krivoviaz Serge (founder, vocalist, guitarist of the I Miss My Death band). Anton is the composer of all songs. Vocal lines and texts were created by Serge. The name “Setoml” means the ancient name of one of the rivers, which leaked on Obolon area and flowed into the Pochayna River in the Kyiv city. The Setoml river is mentioned in the old chronicles of the XI-XII centurie. It was so deep that the part of the Pechenegs army, defeated in 1036 by Yaroslav The Wise, drowned in it. The lyric of the debut album "Reincarnation" (“Перевтілення”) is devoted to the combination of nature with the mystical outlook of human imagination. Each of the eight tracks reveals a single concept, namely the reincarnation of the soul after death, symbol of which is the night butterfly. Almost all nations of the world represent the butterfly as a symbol of immortality. According to beliefs, the spirit of the deceased person reincarnates in these night creatures and wanders endless spaces, as if in the other world... Artwork by Elena Shvets.


Krivoviaz Serge - vocals, lyrics
Semenenko Anton - all instruments, music
Pavlo Gushel - vocals (guest)
01. Flames (Язики полум'я)
02. In The Cold Eyes (В холодних очах)
03. In The Gray Field Of Hope (В сивім полі сподівань)
04. Thousands Shimmering Souls (1000 мерехтливих крил)
05. By The Dark Lake (Біля темного озера)
06. Night Dance (Нічний танець)
07. Their Wings Are Gray Like Spirits (Їхні крила сірі, немов духи)
08. The Shadows Path (Шлях тiней)

 Length - 46:47

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SAT290 | KRR026

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