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2008 – Nebrus was born, from the minds of Noctuaria (vocals and synth) and Mortifero (guitars,
bass and drums). The music’s reference is the black metal of the early nineties, with an use of the
voice outside of the conventions of the genre.
2009 - The first self-released Nebrus demo is written and published in cdr format, this is entitled
"Twilight of humanity". Generally receives more than good reviews, and is often highlighted the
particular use of Noctuaria’s voice, so unconventional, yet effective in telling the misanthropic
lyrics of the group.
2010 - The band records a song called "Banquet of Oblivion" for a never released split. The same
year, the Polish label Heerwegen Tod Production reprint in tape format the first album of Nebrus.
2011 - Between August and September, in the study of the band called "Camera Ardente", was
recorded the band's first album, titled "From the Black Ashes". The music is faster and rougher than
the debut, the voice of Noctuaria becomes more extreme and powerful, without sacrificing
expressiveness and experimentation. The band establishes a contact with Selbstmord Kommando
Produktionen who offers to release the album in CD format, in 500 hand-numbered copies.
April 8th, 2012 - is the date of the release of "From the Black Ashes" for the label "Schattenkult
Produktionen", the new name adopted by Selbstmord Kommando on the occasion of the release of
this record.


 2013 – Schattenkult Produktionen with Total Death Records and Unholy Grave Procession, release
“Slaughtered Whores of Satan” a three way split featuring unreleased tracks from Nebrus, Akerbeltz
and Waffenträger Luzifers.
2014 – Schattenkult Produktionen with Totensange Produktionen release Blackera, a 6 tacks EP
with rare, unereleased and re-recorded Nebrus material.
2016 – Nebrus recorded their second album, entitled Exta Malorvm: 45 minutes of obscure blackdeath with doom influences and ambient parts, the record was mastered by Jonsson of DarkProd,
the artwork was done by Stephen Wilson of Unknown Relic.
In the meanwhile Wulfrune Worxxx released the rare tracks compilation “Conclave of Dead
Memories” in tape format, a collection of tracks taken from splits, bonus tracks, one unreleased
track “Retaliation” and live material.
2019 – After a long time recording and production Nebrus unleash their third full length, “Dark
Forces Reign” through Third I Rex: this opus starts from Exta Malorum and focus more on slow
parts, creating an atmospheric dark sound with eerie guitars and a personal and sometimes unusual
drum patterns that underline the bizarre and obscure flowing of the music. This time the singer
Noctuaria used a more varied vocal style, a typical feature of early Nebrus works.
NOCTUARIA: Vocals and horrific soundscapes
MORTIFERO: Guitar, bass and drums.
“Twilight of humanity”, demo, Obscurus Records (Cdr) and Heerwegen Tod Production (MC),
“From the Black Ashes”, album, Schattenkult Produktionen (CD), 2012;
“Slaughtered Whores of Satan”, split album, Schattenkult Produktionen and Total Death
Productions (CD), 2013;
“Blackera”, EP, Schattenkult Produktionen and Totensange (CD), 2014;
“Retaliation”, single, Obscurus Records (digital), 2016
“Exta Malorvm”, album, Razed Soul (CD), 2016
“Conclave Of Dead Memories”, compilation, Wulfrune Worxxx (tape), 2016
“Dark Forces Reign”, album, Third I Rex (CD), 2019


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