Saturday, October 31, 2020

Sick N' Beautiful releases 'God Of Thunder' music video & single

After a long time since their sophomore album "ELEMENT OF SEX", alien metallers SICK N' BEAUTIFUL are coming back with a new 4-piece line-up, a new single and a new no-holds-barred attitude. The song is a cover of "GOD OF THUNDER", recorded originally by KISS for the album "DESTROYER" (1976).

"When ELEMENT OF SEX came out, we were full of enthusiasm and optimism. Unfortunately, in the last two years we have experienced the uglier side of the music industry. Some of us got tired of all the bullshit and decided to call it quits. We don't blame them", says frontwoman Herma.

"The band has been put through an emotional and financial wringer, but things are getting resolved, and some lessons have been learned, hopefully. Still, this industry is not for the faint-hearted...", bassist Big Daddy Ray points out.

In the words of drummer Evey "The new line-up, with guitarist Nemes, is leaner and meaner. Combine this with the current worldwide upheaval along with an unprecedented pandemic, and you'll understand how the songwriting on the new material is reflecting all of this".

"For this 'comeback' of sorts, we chose a KISS cover because we wanted to go back to our artistic roots. KISS was such an influential band, and we wanted to pay tribute to their music, of course, but we also wanted to find ourselves again in the process", says Ray.

Herma reprises "We would have never made it through these times without the help, support and sheer love from our fans. In fact, we recorded all the vocals for the song during a few live TWITCH sessions. Fans got the chance to hear it all in real time and give us immediate feedback, even guiding us through the production! It was a lot of fun, and it's something unique and intimate that we want to repeat again soon!"

GOD OF THUNDER (a KISS cover) is available digitally on all platforms starting October 31 here:


Sick N' Beautiful

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