Saturday, November 21, 2020

Carrot-flavored heavy rock band Rylos released new album and a computer game




Finnish carrot-flavored heavy rock band Rylos has completed their Solarworks saga as they release album Solarworks pt. 2 on November 20th 2020. Solarworks albums have been made in collaboration with Mikko Hämäläinen who has created the story and part of the compositions.
Listen to the album:
Theme of Solarworks is to think over the modern way of human living as we are exploiting our planet the ways that you could make a conclusion that we would already have another one as a spare one to move to after we have consumed this one over. Second part dive more into individual problems as revenge and anxiety.

Solarworks is also packed to limited CD pressing including both parts of the story. Simultaneously with the album release there's also coming a computer game "Adventure of Rylos - Solarworks" that is playable online here:
Adventure of Rylos - Solarworks the Game (Flash must be enabled on browser!)
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Rylos - Solarworks Pt. 2
1. Pure Energy (FI3FC2036001)
2. Black Liquid Fixation (FI3FC2036002)
3. The Burden (FI3FC2036003)
4. Collective Ruins (FI3FC2036004)
5. Hive (FI3FC2036005)
6. Pistus (FI3FC2036006)
7. Afterburner (FI3FC2036007)
8. Me or Machine (FI3FC2036008)
Release date: November 20th 2020
Inverse Records
Kiramo 3A8
40100 Jyväskylä


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