Sunday, November 15, 2020

HELL RIDERS – FIRST RACE ( Review by Varg The Mighty )

 Today’s review is of International Heavy Metal band Hell Riders’ debut album.
If you check out this album, you mustn’t expect any sort of innovation, but really explored and proved to be cool formulas. There are songs that may remind you of Motörhead (like “Turbolizer”), others that may make you think of Iron Maiden (like “Soldier Of Steel”) and others of early Megadeth and Metallica (like “Queen Of Death”), although the whole full-length has a big Sin After Sin-era Judas Priest vibe to it.
Thanks to an adaptable voice, occasional twin guitar mayhem, rock n’ roll bass lines and really cool solos, this band manages to be good while not treading past really average Heavy Metal concepts. The music may be common, but it’s definitely better than many failed experimentations of other bands.
I recommend this album to fans of any kind of Heavy Metal. My rating is of 8,5/10.

                                                         Review by Varg The Mighty


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