Friday, November 13, 2020

< SATANATH RECORDS > IMPORTANT!!! Now Facebook restricts freedom of speech and persecutes people for their musical tastes! For publishing a Burzum song, our label page was deleted!

IMPORTANT!!! Now Facebook restricts freedom of speech and persecutes people for their musical tastes! For publishing a Burzum song, our label page was deleted!

We noticed a long time ago that some people started saying that they were banned on Facebook for 30 days for posting the Burzum song on their page. For example, the page of the American musician I Am Esper was banned for 30 days for a video with a cover of the song Burzum. They also recently banned Spanish magazine Friedhof Magazine for 30 days for their March post about the release of Burzum new album. Now we ourselves are faced with this! In 2018, we re-released 12 Burzum albums and did a box-set. After 2 years, something has changed, now Facebook has begun to persecute and hunt people and communities that published songs/pictures or just posts with the words "Burzum" or "Varg Vikernes". Yes, we all know about the radical political views of Varg Vikernes, founder of BURZUM. However, he NEVER used his music project as a mouthpiece for his intolerant views. Burzum has always been out of politics, had his own musical world, as Varg spoke about in his interviews.

A couple of days ago, we received complaints from Facebook that our two-year-old posts, which are absolutely harmless advertisements for upcoming releases and do not promote any violence or Varg's ideas, violate Community Norms (support for dangerous people). We disagreed with this. We managed to defend one post. There was not even a song, but an ordinary flyer-picture! But all the other posts with the video after verification were still deleted by them. And we were banned for 30 days (not only Satanath Records, but also Symbol Of Domination and GrimmDistribution pages). A day later, they found several more videos from 2 years ago, deleted and again issued a ban, now for 90 days. Then the boss of the label wrote in support and asked why they were removed and banned for posts that did not contain extremism. After that, the Satanath Records page was permanently blocked for no reason. They just sent us a link to the Community Guidelines. Apparently, Facebook's new policy is the systematic removal of all posts related to Burzum, as well as the repression of all users who listen to this group and do not agree with the removal of their posts, which do not pose any danger to others. At the same time, you can now find a lot of really dangerous videos and pages on Facebook, but their new algorithms are aimed at combating any mention of Burzum.

We do not accept such a restriction on freedom of speech, especially concerning the usual expression of musical tastes, and not any political views. We call on not only metal-music lovers, but in general all of you to fight for your rights! If you are afraid that you may also be banned or removed from Facebook, then urgently check your posts/videos and delete everything related to Burzum. And if you are not afraid, like us, then feel free to declare it. If you also received a complaint about a post with Burzum, do not agree that you violated the Community Guidelines. Because there is no violation in the publication of your favorite music. Why is Facebook turning into a place to persecute people for musical tastes? We invite all of you to write in support (item "Help us improve Facebook", in the profile menu) so that the administration of the social network will stop blocking people for their musical addictions, in particular for their love for the Burzum and any other musical projects. We also urge you to leave this social network or minimize your presence on it until all previously blocked pages are restored (for example, our). We believe that there are a lot of those who are not happy with the new Facebook policy, and a massive exit from the network will force them to reconsider their rules. Even if our page is never returned back, we are even glad that we are finally leaving this degrading platform: news appears in a chaotic manner, it is inconvenient to use all sections, there is only advertising everywhere, persecution for musical views and failure to provide reasons for the ban. We ask you to spread this news [ ] as much as possible so that everyone is notified of the new unfair Facebook rules. Anyone who only had contact with us through Facebook, please write to us at the email below. We ask you to subscribe to our new pages on other social networks to follow our news. Thank you all for the years of support! We recently announced our 300th release, so we will continue to work even harder and delight you all with new music! Follow our news, grandiose editions and wonderful albums from famous bands are waiting for you!

UPD: After this posting, we received messages and comments from hundreds of people that they were also blocked this year for any mention or publication of Burzum songs. Among the most famous - Polish label WITCHING HOUR was banned for 30 days for publishing a picture of the cover artwork of a Burzum album. The well-known magazine Metal Hammer Italy published news about Burzum, was banned. Also, the groups Gloomy Grim and Gôr Mörgûl were blocked for posts with a link to YouTube. The boss of one label was even banned for 30 days for a video of a humorous parody of Varg. As you can see, the Facebook Community Guidelines should definitely be updated! If they think Varg Vikernes's project BURZUM is dangerous, they should add it to the banned list. So that each user can find out for the publication of which one of his favorite groups he can be banned. Now there is unreasonable repression of innocent people for their musical tastes.

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