Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Zed Destructive - Corroded By Darkness

Co-release by Satanath Records' label-partner GrimmDistribution (Ukraine) with Wings Of Destruction (Russia): new album "Corroded By Darkness" of Israeli death/black metal band Zed Destructive is out on August 31st!

 Zed Destructive is an extreme metal band named after its vocalist, who is also the vocalist of the band Winterhorde, and was the lead guitarist of the band Thokkian Vortex. In fall 2017, after Zed had left Thokkian Vortex he wanted to create a new band, so he spoke with Ariel Lior (who was Thokkian Vortex's drummer) and together they started working on materials for the band. Zed played guitar and vocals, Ariel played the drums. Some time later Dani White called Zed and told him that he wanted to join the band, Zed agreed and the three kept writing materials with Dani as the second guitarist. After a time of "come and go" bass players, the band decided to start recording the first album. During the recording of the album Dani contacted Daniel Kitchka, and offered him to play the bass in the band, Daniel agreed and the band was complete. Following the completion of the first album "Corroded By Darkness" Zed Destructive is currently performing live shows, and working on new materials for the next album.



Zed Destructive - guitar, vocals
Dani White - guitar
Daniel Kitchka - bass
Ariel Lior - drums


The band's sound combines death metal and black metal with dark melodies and lots of aggression. 11 non-compromising tracks with fast riffs and moving solos, will take the listener to a journey in another realm. The album features fast and technical playing, vocals that range from high screams to deep growls. For fans of Deicide, Death, Behemoth, Dissection, Gorgoroth, Marduk, Dark Funeral. Artwork by Gragoth from Luciferium War Graphics.


01. Repulsive Society
02. Deformed Minds (Hatred)
03. The Dark Wanderer
04. Church
05. Traitors
06. Raped Existence
07. Your Lies
08. Corroded By Darkness
09. Evil Wind
10. Eternal Damnation
11. The Truth Above (Deicide cover)
Length - 55:09

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WOD 059 | 064GD

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