Thursday, December 31, 2020

Ignitor - The Golden Age of Black Magick

Austin (TX) - IGNITOR, the Titans of Texas True Metal, return with their scorching, wicked new slasherpiece The Golden Age of Black Magick. The album is out now via Metal On Metal Records.

The Golden Age of Black Magick consists of eight newly forged unmerciful metal anthems that harken back to the glory of days of relentless fist-pumping, head banging, screaming heavy metal electricity; so thick; you'll have to cut it with a chainsaw.


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Jason McMaster – Vocals
Stuart Laurence – Guitar
Robert Williams – Guitar
Billy Dansfiell – Bass
Pat Doyle – Drums


All music written, arranged and performed by IGNITOR
Lyrics by Jason McMaster
Recorded (September-December 2019) Mixed and Mastered by Stuart Laurence at Emphatic Audio in Austin, Texas. Vocals recorded at Self Studio, Texas.
Cover art by Jowita Kaminska-Peruzzi (
Band photos by Steve Miller
Graphic Design by Simone A. Peruzzi (Metal On Metal Records)



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