Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Pete Hinton ( Review by Javier Barba Vallejo)

.... And I continue with unexpected Christmas gifts, this time in the form of congratulations
Last Monday night when I got home I took out of the mailbox in addition to the electricity bills, two congratulations
 Christmas one, the always original of the Cabanes-Miro Advocats law firm of my GREAT friend Joan Cabanes, a Saxon lawyer wherever there are and that I recommend you in any move you may have with legal issues, which I hope not !!!!.
And another that intrigued me more since it came from England. I'm hoping for a Biff Byford greeting card, but this is going to go along with the coolest, limited-edition pack of the new Saxon Inspirations album and Paint in Black single on vinyl, so it couldn't be his, then who. ....
And when you open it flipe !!!!
Pete Hinton was the producer of the three most famous, talented and Heavys Saxon albums of his discography and that contain true hymns of Heavy Metal globally in the history of the genre, they are Wheels Of Steel (1980), Strong Arm Of The Law (1981) and Denim And Leather (1981) as well as being a producer on multiple Saxon compilations and on albums by groups like Picture, Viva, Demon, Coroner, Wichfinder General, etc ...
Months ago we agreed on "likes" in a Nigel Durham publication
 , Hinton's friend and former Saxon drummer (in the seventh photo Durham is with bassist Paul Johnson who recorded with Saxon Destiny (1988) and Pete Hinton.). And since I have already named Pete Hinton in my chronicles, I consider him the "Sixth" member of Saxon at its most successful time.
So it would be an honor for me to get his autograph and so I let him know in a message a bit adventurous, because we were not even friends on social networks and it was like launching the message of a castaway in a bottle from a desert island to the immensity of the Sea waiting for an answer ... and so months went by without any news whatsoever, considering such a precious autograph of the Saxon universe for me impossible, until I open the red envelope from the mailbox and I find a letter from him addressed to me !! !!
First of all, he is glad that I love his work on those records and he tells me that he remembers that time with great affection.
He is currently retired after working as a producer for many groups and Manager at Carrere, EMI and twenty years as an English teacher. And that he was super happy to be back in production lending a hand to his friends from Onslaught who asked him to produce their latest album Generation Antichrist (2020).
And he closes the letter congratulating me on the Christmas holidays, wishing me a happy new year and sealing everything with his precious autograph for me, in a letter / congratulations that of course I will end up framing at home !!!!

Review by Javier Barba Vallejo

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