Tuesday, January 12, 2021

BLASPHEMATORY - "Depths of the Obscurity" (Death Metal/USA)

American death-cult BLASPHEMATORY released last year their first full-length on CD / LP via Nuclear Winter Records.

BLASPHEMATORY is the product of lifelong commitment to extreme music and not the formulaic combination of two or three predictable styles of other bands. Prepare to meet your death in the DEPTHS OF THE OBSCURITY. Rotten Death Metal that can only be paralleled to that of Finnish Death Metal from the early 90ies (Demigod, Demilich, Abhorrence...).

Martyr's Tears
Remains of the Despised
Furthest from Salvation
Depths of the Obscurity
The Old Book
Toward Rotten Death
Sepulchres Below
Pulled from the Beyond

Joe Aversario - bass, guitar and vocals 
Chris Warhead - drums

Recorded in Summer of 2019 at DWNE studio in New Brunswick, NJ.

Mastered at Resonance Sound studio by Dan Lowndes.



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