Friday, January 22, 2021

Necro Weasel - "2020" & "2" ( Thrash metal/crossover/Finland)

                                                            Necro Weasel
                                             Release date: Saturday, December 19th 2020 

 Label: Self-Released
Format: Digital
Genre: Thrash metal/crossover

Necro Weasel, finnish one-man band was founded during lockdown and after being involved in many different projects, it became clear to him that he can do something special.

The goal was to make crossover/thrash metal music, raw, fast and heavy, but still melodic.
"2020" features 8 tracks about mental disorders and toxic people.

In December, Necro Weasel released one full-length "2020" and one single "2".

Poltan itseni loppuun
Mislead the fool
Sorrow and misery
No love lost
Mental funeral
World full of hate


Necro weasel - all instruments and vocals
Additional vocals by jonne Soidinaho and Samuli Peltola
Feat vocals in mental funeral by Jonne Soidinaho
Feat vocals in world full of hate by Samuli Peltola
Guitar solo in Scapegoat by Samuli Peltola

Necro Weasel - all instruments, vocals, recording, mixing and mastering.

Credits "2020":
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Necro  Weasel. Vocal producing for 2020 by Jonne Soidinaho


                                                                           Necro Weasel
                                                  Release date: Tuesday, December 29th 2020

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