Friday, February 5, 2021

Cara Neir - Phase Out


Dallas-based Avant-black/punk explorers Cara Neir have released their new album Phase Out on February 2. This is their most experimental album to date.
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This album is about us being warped into a 8-bit video game dimension by a sinister alien entity [origins latently go back as far as our first release Part I/Part II]. In this album, this entity is now highlighted as the grand antagonist phasing us out into fantastical RPG-like depictions of ourselves traversing different songs as game levels for his morbid amusement and us trying to beat them to escape.

The listener will experience a range of bits, bleeps, beats, and buzzing sounds you might hear from 90's dungeon crawlers and JRPG's, all sprinkled within our shape-shifting genre-bending hysteria. Enjoy the ride.


"In an endless sea of stars, lurking beneath the first veil of our universe, an interdimensional being known as The One From Trimjrtle has resurfaced. He has been known to meddle with the lives of countless beings for thousands of years, a devious dabble benign to some while demonstrably baneful to others. Many suffer as victims and pawns for his cosmically warped amusement as he plucks them out of their reality and into a perilous video game dimension within the mysterious universe of GNAX. However, these pernicious deeds fail to fully satisfy as no contestant has ever lived long enough to complete the trials of his sinister game. His decade-long, ineradicable fixation on us could very well scratch the itch! With malicious resourcefulness, he reboots a forbidden handheld device, the RPGBOY, and phases us into complete and utter digital bits, jolted into treacherous adventure. Unlike previous contestants, the RPGBOY has a profound effect on us as a band and bestows skills & powers we’ve never known before...But how far will this take us?

As the humans form a resistance, The One from Trimjrtle seeks alternative, volatile means of destroying
the duo in order to advance on the remaining human race; a legion of deadly and calculated
cosmic monstrosities await his command. The One first enlists the help of his frontline
defenses, two subservient soldiers named Valkyrie and Maestro Infernus...” 


All songs written, recorded, and engineered from June - November 2020.

Chris Francis: Vocals, Lyrics (minus track 3),Synth/Beat Interludes at the end of both track 4 and 8.
Garry Brents: Guitars, Bass, Drums, Synths, Backing Vocals, 8-Bit Speech, Sampling, Lead Vocals & Lyrics on track 3, Production, Logo & Layout.

Pixel Cover Art:
Gerardo Quiroz (

CD Booklet pieces:
Anime Key Art by Gamdan Yunizar (
Pixel Gate Scene by Creative_Ed (
Inventory Art by Voidfruit (
Booklet Sprites: Penzilla (
CD Case Insert Monsters: DigTrash (
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