Friday, February 5, 2021

Kaamos Warriors released a new music video Tuli from their third album!

Finnish dark metal band Kaamos Warriors released a new music video Tuli. The track is taken from their third album ' Kirous' which is released by Inverse Records. 

Watch Tuli music video here: 

Mikko Ojala comments:
"The theme of the song is fire but we wanted the video to portray the brutal coldness of the North, the snow and the ice."
Listen to Kirous album:

Track list:
01. Askeleet
02. Kuilu
03. Tuonentuoja
04. Tuli
05. Kirous
06. Totuus
07. Usva
08. Elävän tulen liekki

Album cover art by Kaamos Warriors
Mikko Ojala (vocals, guitars, drums, keyboards)
Jani Moilanen (guitars, acoustic guitars, solo guitars)
Jyri Moilanen (bass)


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