Thursday, February 18, 2021

DISTANT PAST - The Final Stage

The Band from Bern/Freiburg, Switzerland was active as a Studio Project from 2002 – 2016, while the main protagonists were mainly still active in their main bands. In 2016 their «One Night only» Concert took place and another one with a different line up in 2018. The albums ´Utopian void´ (2014) and ´Rise of the Fallen´ (2016) were released via Pure Steel Publishing and already showed the strength of the band.


In 2019, the two former Emerald members Jvo (vocals) and Adriano (bass) finally found new members to help them continue. With the addition of drummer Remo and the guitarists Ben & Lorenz, they created their own mark again. The songs are shorter, more accessible and the overall sound is forged as a new unit.


The new album is a little bit sounding like the debut of a young, hungry band, because in some way the band is restarting. Incredibly catchy songs in the vein of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden are awaiting the listener.


1. Kill The Dragon

2. Staring At The Stars

3. Queen Of Sin

4. Fall From Glory

5. I Am Omega

6. The Power Of Evil

7. The Final Stage

8. Dawn City

9. World Of Wires

10. Path Of Fate

Total Playing Time: 41:00 min



Jvo «Jay Jay» Julmy – vocals

Adriano Troiano – bass

Ben Sollberger – guitars

Lorenz Laederach – guitars

Remo Herrmann – drums



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