Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Evil Seeds - Theory of Fear ( Heavy Metal - Bilbao, Basque Country/Spain)

The new album from the Spanish band EVIL SEEDS is the perfect follow up to their
previous release "From the Abyss" from 4 years ago, it is sure to give Spanish and European
heavy metal scenes a real fist to the face!
The album was recorded at Chromaticity Studios and produced by Pedro J. Monge (guitarist
of Vhäldemar) ensuring that the sound of each cut is like the thundering of Thor's Hammer
upon the woeful heavens!
Powerful and on point heavy metal with no distractions or gimmicks is what you get with
EVIL SEEDS. Razor sharp guitars dealing assassinating riffs and solos in all directions, with a
commanding and savage vocalist by the name of Asier Roma. This album delivers the goods
and defends the faith, it is heavy metal like a hammerblow into your face!

Theory Of Fear:

01. King of the ring  

02. Stronger

03. Inside the vipers nest

04. Theory of fear

05. Against all Gods

06. No plan B

07. Layers with blood

 08. To hell with It all

09. Lover of death
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