Thursday, June 10, 2021

GRAYWITCH – RISE OF THE WITCH (Review By Varg The Mighty)


Today’s review is of Greek/ Cypriot Heavy Metal band Graywitch’s debut album.

These 10 tracks show true devotion to classic Metal that doesn’t interfere with the elaboration of a personal identity. Most of them have sweet touches of Speed Metal and primitive Power Metal in the likes of early Helloween, Savatage or Queensrÿche. These influences seem to be combined with early Iron Maiden and Manowar vibes to deliver this album of pure old-school bliss.

Their riffs show no sign of fearing a bit of melody that gets finely mingled with more linear bits and tasty choruses performed with a decent yet plain vocal performance that seems like the best companion for the instrumental side. My personal highlights are “Midnight Metal Queen” and “The Rise”, but the album surely contains no fillers.

I recommend this album to fans of Heavy Metal and Speed Metal. My rating is of 9/10.



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