Thursday, June 10, 2021

Pete Gill (Saxon, Motorhead ...) Review by Javier Barba Vallejo

Yesterday, June 9, Pete Gill, the original drummer and founder of Saxon, turned 70 chestnuts.
He began his musical career in the British Glam rock band The Glitter Band in 1976 replacing drummer Tony Leonard, until he met the musical project of Biff Byford, Paul Quinn, Graham Oliver and Steve Dawson, the Son Of A Bitch and enlisted with They being the only professional musician among all the then young people who formed the group in the still emerging underground New Wave British Of Heavy Metal at a time when the crudest Punk dominated the British rock scene, in the adventure that later in 1979 was would become Saxon with the signing by the French label Carrere.
With Saxon he recorded and participated on a compositional level the first four albums Saxon (1979), Wheels Of Steel (1980), Strong Arm Of The Law (1980) and Denim And Leather (1981), albums that contain true hymns in the history of Heavy. Metal, containing these four albums the most raw and direct musical essence of Saxon.
At the beginning of the promotional tour for the album Denim And Leather he suffered a hand injury and had to be urgently replaced by the current Saxon drummer Nigel Glockler who came from the band Toyah Wilcox learning the set of the concerts in just a few days and thus saving the Denim And Leather Tour, staying definitively as drummer in Saxon recording in 1982 what would be the first official direct of the band.

Pete Gill after recovering returned to the charge in a big way this time joining the ranks of Motorhead along with Lemmy, Wurzel and Phil Campbell with them he participated in the compilation No Remorse (1984), The Birthday Party (1985) and Orgasmatron (1986) ), until he decided to retire.
In 1995 the original Saxon guitarist Graham Oliver "left" Saxon after recording the album Dogs Of War and reactivated the old original band Son Of A Bitch together with the original bassist Steve Dawson who had already left Saxon ten years before, at the end of the season. Innocence Is No Excuse Tour (1985) and convincing Pete Gill for his return to the music scene with Ted Bullet and Haydn Conway.
With them he composes and records the magnificent and only album of this project Victim You (1996)
After this recording, Graham Oliver and Steve Dawson decide to continue their careers with their current group O.D. Saxon and Pete Gill is permanently retiring now to dedicate himself to events manager, music consultant and second-row positions in different musical associations and foundations, but no longer any pressure as he says in one of the most recent interviews I found of him, leading a healthy living with his family and living on royalties from his compositions in Saxon and Motorhead.
For me, Pete Gill is one of the greatest, a real crack ..... a living legend.





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