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Boonsdale Records - THUNDEROR (ft. members of Skull Fist) Announces May 2024 European Tour Dates w/ Tytus


Thunderor 2024 Line-Up L – R: Jonny Nesta (Guitar) | JJ Tartaglia (Lead Vocals, Drums) | Brycen Gunn (Bass)

Canadian 80’s-infused heavy metal band THUNDEROR announces they will be embarking on their next European tour this coming May 2024 with Italy's Tytus (dates listed below).

“We’re very stoked to be returning to Europe once again, this time with a rippin’ new setlist as we’ll be road testing some of the new tunes. And what better way than with our brothers in Tytus! Plus select shows with Violet and Night Laser. This tour is a real testament to the new generation and the DIY attitudes of today, hope to see some good crowds out to support it!” adds vocalist and drummer JJ Tartaglia.

Formed in 2020 by Skull Fist band members JJ Tartaglia and Jonny NestaTHUNDEROR delivers hook-driven anthems to the caliber that has come to be expected by a Canadian power trio. Since 2019, drummer JJ Tartaglia has felt a calling, one which grew stronger each day. Being a member of several prominent metal bands over the last decade, the time had come to take his quest even further. He would share a vision, a feeling… a message he could deliver only with his voice.

Fueled by his passion for adventure, JJ began to work on drum arrangements and piano pieces that would become the skeletons of the THUNDEROR songs. Fall of 2021, would see the release of the 1st single "How We Roll", immediately garnering a worldwide audience. The debut album "Fire It Up" was released in 2022 via Boonsdale Records, charting at #1 on Earshot’s National Loud Chart in Canada. The band has already toured throughout Canada, Europe, Mexico, and South America supporting major acts such as Airbourne, Enforcer, Night Demon, and more.

If you’ve ever felt a longing for escape, a thirst for adventure, wrapped in romance and danger, allow THUNDEROR to be your soundtrack!

Appreciated by fans of Judas Priest, Gowan, and Manowar, “Fire It Up” is available via Boonsdale Records.

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European Tour Dates 2024:
Thunderor (CA) + Tytus (IT)
01.05 Natz-Schabs, IT - Putzer Bikerfest
02.05 Stuttgart, DE - Schwarzer Keiler
03.05 Bilzen, BE - South of Heaven
04.05 Gladbeck Metal Bash Open Air, DE
05.05 Wageningen, NL - Bevrijdings Festival
06.05 Hamburg, DE - Logo
07.05 TBC
08.05 Leipzig, DE - Black Label
09.05 Lichtenfels, DE - Paunchy Cats
10.05 Vienna, AT - Escape
11.05 Maribor, SI - Gustaf Pekarna
12.05 Caneva, IT - Meskio Bar

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"The bottom line for THUNDEROR is that a listen is urgently required. Those who like the singing will have a lot of fun with the CD" - Vampster

"If you’re looking for a solid rock record that’s equal parts pop and metal, Fire It Up could be your jam. The songs are well crafted, catchy and fun road companions. Take it on your next drive or spin it at Saturday’s kegger. Thunderor takes not being serious very seriously. They recaptured the spirit of 80s rock staples like Ozzy to Journey but also managed to put their own stamp on it. Not many throwback NWOTHM acts succeed in putting this much character in their sound." - Angry Metal Guy

"The moment I first heard “How We Roll,” I knew I was in trouble…and instantly hooked. Other numbers like “All or Nothing,” “On the Run,” “We Can Make It,” and the epic title track, infuse multiple sub-genres like thrash, power, and synth metal, and are the type of adventurous anthems that make life still feel like it’s worth living even on its darkest of days." - Rewind It Magazine

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