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Vredehammer God Slayer Indie Recordings Radio Impact: 24 January 2024 Release: 24 January 2024


Release: Jan. 24th 2024

Vredehammer is back with yet another infernal example of Norwegian extreme metal!

God Slayer is the title track on Vredehammer’s upcoming album, and it is pure sonic onslaught. You expect nothing but blackening excellence from Vredehammer, and they do not disappoint. 

Led by the mastermind Per Valla, their ability to craft intricate, yet brutal, soundscapes set them apart in the world of extreme metal.

Musically Vredehammer have truly mastered the act of seamlessly blending blackened death metal with elements of thrash and melodic death metal, creating a ferocious and intense soundscape that commands attention. 

Blast through the winter gloom with this furious and ferocious track!

Take it from Per Valla; “God Slayer is fast guitar riffs combined with ferocious blastbeats!”

FFO: Mayhem, Marduk, MORK, Satyricon, Mgla 

Vredehammer’s combination of aggressive guitars and masterful songwriting has rewarded the band with a loyal fan base around the world. 

When it comes to extreme metal from Norway, Vredehammer is simply one of the best! 
It all started out as a one-man project in 2009, since then Per Valla’s Vredehammer has released three highly acclaimed full-length albums and been nominated for the Norwegian Grammy.

Since the release of the very first album, Vredehammer have toured Europe as direct support for bands such as the mighty Satyricon and Six Feet Under, as well as touring with Keep of Kalessin and Vreid, and doing Vredehammer´s own European headlining tour.

Vredehammer is:
Per Valla: Guitars, vocals, keyboards, bass guitar
Nils “Dominator” Fjellström: Session drums

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