Thursday, April 9, 2020

Enslaved Detail New Album “Utgard”, Share Recent Livestreamed Concert

Enslaved have shared some new details for their upcoming album “Utgard” which they now intend to release this fall. Speaking of the record and it’s title, the band commented:
“‘Utgard‘ bears countless meanings to us; an image, metaphor, an esoteric ‘location’, a word on its own etc – on different levels and layers. From Norse mythology we know it as a landscape were the giants roam; where the gods of Asgard have no control; dangerous, chaotic, uncontrollable and where madness, creativeness, humor and chaos dwells.

The album is a journey into and through ‘Utgard‘. It is a place of unification of that which is above and that which lies below. It is not about avoiding fear of the pitch-black darkness (it will keep on growing until the next confrontation), but to go into the darkness itself. This is the rebirth of the individual. In a world that has become so obsessed with the false lights of greed, jealousy and egotism this is a necessary journey.
Utgard‘ is not a fairytale, it is a vital part of both your mind and your surroundings, and it has been since the dawn of mankind. Acknowledging that this realm exists and is a vital part of the self, has inspired us deeply since the early days of our lives. Enjoy our journey
 to the outer limits.”

 01 – “Fires In The Dark
02 – “Jettegryta
03 – “Sequence
04 – “Homebound
05 – “Utgardr
06 – “Urjotun
07 – “Flight Of Thought And Memory
08 – “Storms Of Utgard
09 – “Distant Seasons

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