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ETERNAL REST are a death metal act from Brisbane, Australia. Intense and uncompromising,
the band demonstrate a prowess and sound that is comparable to high profile death metal
acts such as NILE, BEHEMOTH and DYSCARNATE.The bands full length debut 'Prophetic' led to a release through US label Deepsend Records and Australian supports alongside bands such as BEHEMOTH, SUFFOCATION, DECAPITATED, PSYCROPTIC, UNEARTH, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, ULCERATE, KATAKLYSM, HOUR OF PENANCE, ROTTEN SOUND and WARBRINGER.

In 2013 ETERNAL REST spread the bands sonic terror to New Zealand and Japan, performing alongside ORIGIN, AEON and MORS PRINCIPIUM EST. In 2014 the band extended its overseas conquest to South East Asia and assaulted the bands homeland of Australia alongside tech crushers ORIGIN. The bands work ethic and intense musicianship would lead to a management deal with US agency EXTREME MANAGEMENT GROUP, home to bands such as CATTLE DECAPITATION, DECREPIT BIRTH, SUFFOCATION and ATHEIST.

After such an immense journey since the bands inception, 2015 and 2016 saw ETERNAL REST contend with significant line up changes, which only has made the band stronger and more determined than ever. Writing and recording a new album and touring Malaysia alongside MAGRUDERGRIND, WORMROT and SKINNED, on top of high profile Australian supports alongside TRIVIUM, CRYPTOPSY and ENSLAVED, the band continue to grow and crush audiences across Australia and abroad.

ETERNAL REST closed out the year signing to a new label, Truth Inc Records (TRUTH CORRODED, MORS PRINCIPIUM EST, ALKIRA) and undertaking a European tour supporting WHORETOPSY and CONDEMNED.

In March 2017 the band’s sophomore album, ‘A Death In The Darkness’, was released with a great reception from fans and critics alike and had features premiering on Metal Injection. The album received a highly commended in the QLD Music Awards and was also featured on a number of ‘top 10 of 2017’ lists.

In April and May of 2017 ETERNAL REST hit the road for a headline tour of Australia and New Zealand which went extremely well with close to sold out shows in all cities. The band didn’t stop there however and were relentless with their touring throughout 2017, completing the ‘Abysmal Thoughts Tour’ in Victoria with MIAZMA and landing supports with ENTOMBED AD and ABRAMELIN, as well as CATTLE DECAPITATION and REVOCATION in early 2018.

The band also decided that just touring wasn’t enough as they felt a big creative drive in 2017. Feeling that their

lineup was the strongest it has ever been, ETERNAL REST hit the jam room and started writing in preparation for their
next release.

These hard-working musicians aren’t resting on their laurels after the release of ‘A Death In The Darkness’,
they are ready to take over the world and are looking forward to releasing some new material in 2018 and touring new
cities and countries.


Seize of Anubis     EP                                   2009   
Prophetic     Full-length                              2013   
A Death in the Darkness     Full-length     2017
The Picture of Hatred     Full-length         2019     


Anthony Postlethwaite Bass
Mick Hunter Drums
See also: ex-Konskriptor
Jake Kaiser Guitars
Shanon Davern Vocals (2015-present)
See also: ex-Horizons of Chaos

Call  +61 400 739 682

Track list:

1. Sanctuary Alight 03:53  
2. This Will All End in Violence 02:56  
3. Obscured Faith 03:36  
4. The Will of Death 03:21  
5. Chained to Nothing 04:24  
6. The Painted World 03:01  
7. The Picture of Hatred 03:54  
8. Water Me Not 03:53  
9. Walk with Me 03:38  
10. Awaken, O Fury 04:19  

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