Sunday, April 5, 2020

Garden Of Sinners

Garden Of Sinners was created in 2013, following the meeting of the two guitar players Lizee and Thierry. They founded a Heavy Metal band, known under another name at that time. They begin writing the first songs among these three following songs : Truthsayers, Rise and Savage. In 2015 the band gets stronger with the arrival of Stephan at the bass guitar, and different drummers coming along. They become Garden Of Sinners in tribute to the song Garden Of The Sinner from Gamma Ray, which Lizee and Thierry are very found of. The second strike of songs takes place and complete the other songs to be part of a first album “Truthsayers”.
2017 is a key year, as the band finally finishes recording the album and also plays their very first venues in Aquitaine including for the Helloween Fest at La Chapelle Chavagne. In January Edgar (drums)  joins the band as well as Guy (singer)  making it more stable.
The album “Truthsayers” has been released in digital in April, 22nd, and was issued in May, 25th, for the CDs,  local radios widely spread and streamed the album, In France and abroad
The band played in the Hell Sessions in Clisson on June, 20th, opening for the Hellfest.
Boutet Guy -Singer
Villard Thierry - Guitar
Bauwens Lizee - Guitar
Edgar Decrolière - Drums

1. Downfall 04:32  
2. Truthsayers 04:13  
3. In Flames 05:05  
4. New Dimension 05:48  
5. Deliverance 05:15  
6. Savage 04:26  
7. Inside the Mirror 03:24  
8. Ignition 04:33  
9. In This Land 05:25  
10. Rise 04:21  
11. The Time Traveler 08:31   instrumental

            Garden of Sinners - Sulphur


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