Wednesday, April 1, 2020

ORMAGODEN (Thrash Metal/France)

Leo Mouchonay - Drums
Alex Muscara - Bass / back vocals
Lucas Rocher - Guitar / backing vocals
Victor Lachat - Guitar / vocals

Ormagoden is an old school thrash metal band from grenoble, france.
Mostly inspired by the big 4 of thrash metal, the band was formed in April 2018 and their first EP named "The Den Of Sin" was released 18th March 2020.
The lyrics of this EP deals with warfare, religious extremism, nuclear weapons, and deceptive governments. The goal is to deliver something raw, old school, fast, loud, and wild.
Due to the energy the band members put in that project, Ormagoden has also opened for the Spanish Thrash Metal band Crisix on 23 May 2019 in Lyon, France.
After all the good feedbacks the band had on their first EP, Ormagoden is definitely determined to give you the dose of Thrash Metal you need !

    ORMAGODEN - The Den Of Sin Full EP


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