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Interview with Oscar from Lujuria by Didac "Metallian" López.

01 - Hello Oscar, thank you for attending us in this interview for Bathory´zine.
       Last year your thirteenth Lujuria album came out. What has changed on this album compared     to  the former?

Hello, it is a pleasure. Is it 13? I didn't know, but I like the number. An album that talks about Belial deserves that position. With the current situation and the few sales that CDS now have, we only need to sell 666 copies and we have already rounded up all the evil numbers, 13, 666 and all of this published in 2020.What has changed? Ugh so many things ... right now We have two great musicians in the band, Santi Hernández on bass and Nacho de Carlos on guitar who, for the first time, contribute a lot to the composition (especially Santi Hernández) and the production (in the hands de Nacho de Carlos) that has given our music a much higher quality. On the other hand, the maturity that gives us 30 uninterrupted years of metal is also noticeable in the lyrics, although without losing the sense of humor and irony, the trademark of the house, which will accompany me even in my deepest old age, and that is there are things that change a lot and others that never change.

 02 - When a musician is asked what his best album is, they always say, that it is the
        latest. Does the same thing happen to you?

Oh no, we always say ... EVERYONE. You will see, Lujuria always works in a group on themes, they are not usually themes of one or the other although it is true that they are born from someone, (for example in this "We are Belial" and, as I have told you, Santi is the one who has contributed the most no doubt) then we review them and work together. When we choke on a song, we directly send it to shit and when we have the songs for an album, we record them. When we go to record we are fully convinced of our themes, in such a way that none of our albums, in our opinion, has a single filler theme,none. This is how it has been these 30 years and this is how it will continue to be. We really don't understand that desire to make 16 or 17 tracks by some groups and that they themselves know that of those, at least 4 or 5, they don't even like them. Why do you record them then? Everything we publish has always convinced us 100% and, each one in their time, we loved it and we love it. It is possible that depending on the moment or period I like one album more than another, one song than another, but those are tastes, now well in terms of quality conviction, we are all convinced, otherwise we would never have published them. In our history there have been many songs, or better “mediotemas” that we have sent to hell because they did not convince us, in fact if someone ever wanted to make a record of rarities they would not find a single one, we do not keep anything recorded that we have not convinced and what has convinced us we have published. Fuck is that a record of rarities is already the last straw, more or less is, "now that we are famous, known,call it X, we put out this album with what we didn't like shit, we call it oddities and the rock will go crazy for having it, it's amazing "And there will be those who say" this is really good, the real thing "are we stupid? That is what neither has sound quality because the group recorded that in a homemade plan, nor does it have musical quality because the group, in its day, passed from it, wake up treasure hunters who shout gold when you see pyrite, damn it! What is truly valuable are those songs that were to be put on a record and were censored, records that were recorded and then not released, yes, but local scale models of songs that were wasted ... should continue to sleep the dream of the righteous if we want be honest, publishing them is taking money from the already few physical format buyers and that will tire the last buyers.

03 - Para mi Lujuria is one of the great bands in this country along with greats like Barón Rojo, Obús, Banzai .... Have any of these bands influenced you?
All! And many more. We are very followers of the eighties metal of this country and we have sucked with all those bands. And also of bands that we cannot say that they were heavy metal nor did they need to, we loved them and many heavys love them because they always maintained dignity, honesty in their lyrics and coherence, like Barricada (their career is much more dignified than that of any historical band of our metal with the same longevity, you have to acknowledge it) The Soft or Reoffenders. In fact, in recent years, the attitude and coherence of these bands have produced me healthy envy and I think that the heavy metal scene has little things to learn from the rock scene.
And when I name you bands, I will always mention the Banda Trapera del Río, no matter how punky they are, as one of my influences and the rock bands from this country of the 70s that everyone forgets and is so unfair ... The Storm, Lone Star, Los Salvajes, Iceberg ... there is a lot of wealth in our past and we should not put the barrier in the 80s, it is highly recommended to go a little further back.

04 - Memories of your first concerts in Barcelona, ​​my first reaction was Wooow, what a great band and a great frotman (For me one of the best in the country). You go on stage to break from the first second.

 Well, thanks for your words. The other day I was listening to an Argentine musician (I don't remember who, I don't know if Fito Páez, the truth) say that he loved exercise and hated sport. I thought so. What reason was the bastard. Exercise is healthy, when that happens to sports it becomes competition and ends up generating even hatred (hell that kills itself for being from another team) and perverting something so healthy. Music, always, was more heir to exercise than sport, here you do not compete, you do something that comes from within for pure pleasure. In that sense, I've never liked that you're one of the best, the worst, you're number one, 30 or whatever. Lust does not compete. You “exercise” and you do it by loving him. And that's what people see at our concerts. We are doing what we like the most in life, so as not to surrender ourselves to death. We always play with this mentality "Before a concert, the same desire as if it were the first, the same delivery as if it were the last".

05 - Do you just write the lyrics of the songs or with the rest of the band?´

I have always thought that the lyrics should be written by the person who sings them, it is the only way that they carry all the feeling when sung. In that sense, yes, I write them, but I agree with the rest of the band because, from the moment they carry the brand "Lujuria" they represent us all and I am not going to sing something that others do not feel, it would not be fair. That's why all our songs carry the same signature, Lyrics and music. Lust.
06 - Lust you have always supported noble causes, for example the rights of women, an evil that is everywhere in the world.
Lust has always felt heavy metal as a way of life and not just any way of life, a way of life with ideas that, I know that there are always those who disagree with me on this, are of social commitment and fight for Justice. Sometimes they give me examples of groups that say they do heavy metal and have ideologies other than metal and I always answer the same thing, that is NOT heavy metal, it is similar music but it is NOT heavy metal. I think like that and so I will continue to think. Heavy is not compatible with according to which ideas, no matter how many people insist that it is.

 07 - The album “Llama Eterna” was something more than a tribute to the bands that you cover in it?

Yes much more. On that album we only do versions of Spanish or Latin groups in which a member has died. It is that I will never understand that our fallen are not respected in the same way that the fallen of international rock are respected. For me, Ignaico “Chiqui” Mariscal is at the same height as Lemmy or Jesús de la Rosa who Dio and I am a bit sad to see that this is not the case for our scene. In that sense I will always say that the Leyendas del Rock stages are an example for everyone.

08 - How do you combine your work as a teacher with the band? Your students must hallucinate to have a teacher who plays in a Hard Rock band?

Hey man, they're used to it. And I am not the only one. Narci de Saurom is from the profession and the Leyenda group always caught my attention because in its beginnings (now some of its members have changed) they were all physics and chemistry teachers. There are many more huh? and this is good. We have always been identified as a "garrulous" movement and it turns out that we have more teachers in metal than in any other musical movement, how do you see it?
09 - In a few months you will take out a book. Tell us what it is about?
 Yes sir, I'm giving it the last blows. The book will be titled "Neither politics, nor religion, nor football" because that phrase always annoyed me "If you dedicate yourself to better art, do not talk about politics, religion or football or someone will be uncomfortable." make me uncomfortable, I want to be free and say what I think and if I do Heavy Metal it is because I sweat selling many records, if it were not like that, I would do pop, right? Therefore, and assuming that I am not concerned with reaching many people, I try to reach my people. During the confinement I dedicated myself to expressing everything I think on my facebook and that I have collected, I have added many more details and I plan to publish it, I think at the beginning of October, among other things because I believe that it is necessary to record how There was a confinement in this country in which, far from working to come out more united, better as a society and aware that it is absolutely necessary to have solidarity awareness, we have come out worse and we have generated the era of hatred, a shame. Perhaps this book makes you think, that is my wish, that it makes you think ..

.10 - For many of us, you are a metallic encyclopedia. You know many bands from here as well as in Latin America where you have many fans, where do you get so much time?

They always ask me the same thing, where do I get the time? Well, I have 24 hours a day like everyone else and I dedicate them to what I really like. And I love metal so I read metal books, I do research, I have a program, I spend time on that. There are those who dedicate their time to other things and wonder how I do it, well, the hell stopping me from doing things that you do and I'm not saying that mine is better, eh? I know a peña who knows a motorcycle egg (I love them) but I am unable to fix anything that happens to my donkey and my colleague arrives and leaves her ready to roar again. He spends hours dismantling engines. Another spends hours learning to fix plumbing, and another to study as a doctor. I study bands, it's my passion.

11 - How do you see what is currently happening with Covid 19 globally?

I believe that if all the philosophers of the past who dedicated themselves to theorizing about what the human being is like, woke up now in Spain, they would change all their postulates. Neither man is good by nature, nor is he bad by himself, nor is he a rational being nor is he an animal with instincts, none of that, all philosophers would unite to publish, not a book, a phrase, a single phrase : "After many studies, observations and empirical tests, we can only conclude one thing: The human being is an asshole"
12 - The band has thought to give some concert in Streaming?

Not at the moment, we believe that the scene should fight for better solutions before embracing the first thing that comes to mind and before that, of course. We would only do it if it were done from a room that needs it, without platforms of intermediaries through which they secure commissions and if it were within a wide program that serves to help the rooms but just as we are seeing what is being done by now, no kidding.
13 - How do you see the current scene in our country?
Right now mortally wounded and fighting to continue. It is not time to make another balance except to send all my support to each band and all my encouragement, and to each room and to each manager's office and to each worker and worker in the entertainment world, from my point of view unity is more necessary than ever and that is the call I make, unity.

14 - How did you live the golden age of the 80s?

As one of the movies that we saw in those years said "Hurry, hurry" I enjoyed it a lot, I enjoyed it a lot and I think it is time to turn the page to these things, gloating in the past only prevents moving towards the future.

Corazón de Heavy Metal 
 15- First album you bought?

On cassette "Matricula de  honor" of Tequila. Then I convinced my santa to buy me a stereo with a vinyl plate and my first vinyl was AC / DC "Highway to hell"


16 - First concert you attended?

I will never forget it, Asfaltot here in my city.
17 - Band that you are a big fan of?

From Judas to death!

18 - Finally, thank you for agreeing to give us this interview and say what you want to the people who follow Bathory'zine.

Thanks to you for your interest and to close with the phrase that Chepas said in his day, since then it is our motto and today many people use which we are very happy:

“Por el puto rock and roll!” 

             "For fucking rock and roll!"
 Interview with Oscar from Lujuria by Didac "Metallian" López.

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