Saturday, November 7, 2020

Snowblind - "The Holy Metal Spirit"( Heavy Metal /Greece )

 The 6th album of Greek classic/dark metallers, feat. Mike G. (Nightfall, Blind Justice) and Jim A. (ex-Nightfall)!
"The Holy Metal Spirit" will not surprise you, if you know what Snowblind means: traditional heavy metal, with some dark/death touches, plus epic atmospheres. Don't forget Mike G.'s aggressive/brutal voice, amazing guitars with classic metal riffs, and many melodic lines! Including 2 bonus live tracks! The first release of Sleaszy Rider (SR-0001) was the debut album of Greek dark metallers SNOWBLIND, back in 2001. On 2003 the band released their second album "Lord Of My Fate", on 2006 their third album "A World Full Of Lies, and on 2011, 10 years after the release of their debut, we, Sleaszy Rider celebrated the 10 years of our existence and puted out our 100th release (SR-0100) and yet again was SNOWBLIND, with "Prisoners On Planet Earth". On 2015 the band released their fifth album "One Epic Metal Requiem" and now it's the time for their new epos, their 6th album "The Holy Metal Spirit". The band returns after 5 years with a real masterpiece - a metal giant! The album includes all the well-known Snowblind trademarks: amazing riffing by Mike G. himself (NIGHTFALL co-founder, composer and guitarist), great melodies and refrains, inspired songwriting, Mike's aggressive vocals, all in a perfect mix. Like BLACK SABBATH, JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, MANOWAR and KISS drinking beers and jamming with SENTENCED and THE BLACK LEAGUE! All these years SNOWBLIND played in many gigs and festivals in Athens and rest Greece and are always active and available to transmit the Holy Metal Spirit, to all believers!
•    The 6th full length-album of Greek iconic metallers SNOWBLIND!
•    Featuring Mike G (of Nightfall and Blind Justice) and Jim A. (ex-Nightfall)!
•    Mix of classic heavy metal, dark metal, epic atmospheres, and 70’s hard rock
•    Featuring a cover version of “Burning Eyes” of Angelo Perlepes’ Mystery and 2 bonus live tracks!
•    Great artwork by Angel Priest!
•    Watch for SNOWBLIND on tour! Stay tuned to for breaking news and tour announcements!
•    For fans of: Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Saxon, Motorhead, Manowar, KISS, Sentenced, Nightfall, Blind Justice and The Black League!
•    Websites:
1. Master Of My Life
2. The Misery Is In Our Souls  
3. Valley Of The Dead  
4. Dreamer Alone
5. Burning Eyes
6. The God We Know
7. Metal Soldiers
8. No One To Believe
9. The Bitterness Inside
10. A Spirit Free
11. Load Your Guns *bonus track (live at Kyttaro)  
12. Lord Of My Fate *bonus track (live at Kyttaro)

Mike G.: vocals, guitars
Jim A.: guitars
George A. : bass
George K.: drums


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