Sunday, November 22, 2020


Today’s review is of Turkish Black Thrash Metal band Trenchwar’s debut album, out on December 11th.
While having a distant feel of Bay Area, this album is much more aggressive, extreme, dark and overall better than most of that subgenre. Instead, they greatly lean towards the style of bands like Sodom, Kreator, Onslaught or Protector.
With an incredibly good distortion and powerful vocals, this band has catchy songs like “Trenchwar” or “Rape Of The Week”, which kind of remind us of the latest singles of Sodom, while the song “Thrash Not Trash” leans more towards the humour of referencing numerous Thrash Metal albums without losing any violence.
Other songs like “Kill” or “The Godfathers” lean more towards unusually long durations for Thrash and notable complexity in the riffs, but they surely sound as straightforward as any 3-minute song with 2 riffs. This debut is a great display of extremity, violence and technique, and you will surely be in dire need of hearing it live after listening to it.
I recommend this album to fans of Teutonic Thrash Metal, Death Thrash Metal and Black Thrash Metal. My rating is of 9,5/10.

                                                      Review by Varg The Mighty



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